When you are considering selling your home, you want it to stand out from the other homes for sale!  Boost the curb appeal of your home, especially if you are getting ready to list it for sale and have prospective buyers coming through. Keep in mind, your house has ONE chance to make a good first impression both online and in person.  If your property is not presented well online, then there is a possibility the buyer will pass it by!  When a buyer arrives at the front of your house, consider what the first things that they will see and what stands out. As a Seller, it is important to think like a buyer, and what will stand out to the buyer. Let’s talk about 10 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home!

Exterior Front Landscaping

If you have a lawn, be sure that it has been tended to and it is neatly manicured. Ensure all the flower beds are weeded and the plants are trimmed neatly. Some states such as California use drought-resistant landscaping with succulents and gravel. Also, there are many in certain areas utilizing artificial turf. This is actually beneficial as there is no maintenance and it does look attractive. There are different qualities of artificial turf, however. Be sure to research the artificial turf as it can vary in cost, and energy efficient windows can cause a reflection which can damage the turf, and actually melt it. A protective film can be utilized on the windows to prevent this from occurring. Repair any leaking sprinklers, and ensure that the irrigation system is up to date and covers all areas.

Add Color to the Garden in Spring and Summer

Depending upon the time of year, adding annual flowers may not be beneficial. Springtime is a great time to add color to your garden with annual flowering plants such as marigolds, lobelia (which are dark blue and a lovely contrast to marigolds), pansies and more.Check out your local nursery and determine whether or not you will need annual flowering plants which require full sun or shade. During the winter months, adding flowers to pots depending upon what grows during winter months. Research types of plants at your local nursery.

Clean and Power Wash

Be sure to clean your entryway and walkway to the home. Power wash if required and you can rent a power washer from a home improvement store. Remove any debris and dead plants to create a clean entryway. You can also power wash the house and garage door as well. Make sure that windows have been cleaned and screens are in good repair.

Repaint Front Door

Consider painting your front door a contrasting color to the home to make it stand out as it adds a splash of color. I have seen locally when homes are painting a front door bright blue as a contrast to a white home. Paint the trim of the front door also. Add a nice welcome mat to the front entryway. Consider adding a seasonal wreath to the front door.

House Numbers & Mailboxes

Consider replacing your house numbers with updated address numbers which fit the style of the home. House numbers can be purchased online, at home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and at local hardware stores. Check out your mailbox also. If you have a metal which has been corroded from living near the water or from the harsh winter elements consider replacing it. If it is a wood mailbox, then paint it or replace it.

Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Replace any burned out light bulbs and clean the exterior of the light fixture. If your light fixture is old, outdated or corroded from the elements, consider replacing it. Exterior light fixtures can be replaced inexpensively from Home Depot or Lowes. And a new light fixture will be clean and add more light, especially if showings are going to be later in the afternoon. You may want to add landscape lighting to illuminate the yard. If landscape lighting is already in place, check that it works and repair if needed.

Decorative Furnishings & Potted Plants

Add decorative furnishings such as a bench to create an inviting feel. If there is limited space or flower beds, adding potted plants with color will also enhance the entry to the home.

Garage Door

Be sure not to neglect the garage door as there are many homes where the garage is located at the front of the home. Paint it if necessary and the trim as well It is also a good idea to have the garage door serviced, as once the home goes into escrow, this will be an item that the home inspector will inspect.

Does it Smell Good?

If you are selling a home with pets, be sure to keep the yard cleaned up at all times. Not cleaning up can result in a smell which can turn off potential buyers. When your buyers are walking up the front walkway, ensure there are no offensive smells.

Final Thoughts

Your house has one chance to make a good first impression and taking into account these tips will help to make it appealing and inviting to prospective buyers. It is imperative to have good curb appeal and your Realtor will ensure that you have excellent photography so your home makes an excellent first impression. The first place a buyer will see it most likely will be online. If we can answer any questions about boosting curb appeal or getting your home on the market, feel free to contact us here.

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