Here are our top tips on how to style your property ahead of selling it!

Fresh Paint: Give any tired looking rooms a fresh coat of paint and don’t be afraid to be bold. Of course, white paint colors are always in and a clean look for potential buyers. See our previous blog top picks for White paint colors.

Window Dressings: Windows should let in as much light as possible, so get rid of old outdated blinds, or give them a good clean!

Natural Light: Place mirrors in places that will reflect sunlight to make a room seem even brighter.

Top tips on how to get your home ready to sell

Kitchen: Transform tired looking cabinet doors with a fresh coat of paint repair chipped counter tops and tiles.

top tips on how to get your home ready to sell

Bathroom: Make sure your tiles are sparkling (bleach the grout!) and replace any broken ones.

Declutter and Clean: A clean, uncluttered house is so much more attractive to buyers than an untidy, dirty one.

Create the dream: People buy into certain lifestyles. For a Summer sale, bring the BBQ out and help buyers imagine themselves enjoying the space.

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